Recording services

From voiceovers for adverts and podcasts, solo vocal sessions or acoustic instrument recording, to full drum kit and band setups, we have the facility to record almost any type of instrument.

Two treated rooms, suited for different purposes, allow us to get anything from bright and airy sounds to tight and very dry sounding recordings.

Our prices
10% discount for students OR for bookings of over 5 days

Evening sessions / Downtime

4 hours (7pm-11pm)

  • For example:
  • Ideal for production
    and composition work
  • Get a quick demo down

Recording / Tracking
Mixing / Mastering

8 hour day (10am-6pm)
Minimum 4 hour booking (£175).

  • For example:
  • Take your time over
    a single track
  • Mix an EP

Composition /

from £   45
(per hour)

  • Fee + % split:
  • Available on a composition
    share basis (negotiable)
  • Also available at
    full day rates